Trefilov A.A., Ivanova I.E.

The Postgraduating Doctors’ Training Institute, City Children's Hospital № 3, Cheboksary, Russia

Objectives. In Russia, the national project "Health" launched a mandatory ultrasound of the heart, abdominal organs, kidneys, and the brain of the one-two-months-old infants since 2007.

Purpose. To analyze the results of ultrasound screening of neonates and infants.

Methods. We screened 1864 one-two-months-old infants from.

Results. Among the features of the brain diagnosed subendymal and vascular plexus pseudocysts – 40.8%, strial vasculopathy – 6.6%, the dilatation of the outer cerebrospinal fluid spaces found in 4.6%, ventriculomegalia – 1.9%, dysplasia of corpus callosum in a child, hypoplasia of the cerebellar vermis – in 4, postischemic periventricular leukomalacia in 4 children. An examination of the cardiovascular system of infants identified 2,593 small anomalies – an average of 1.4 per surveyed, functional disorders – 13.3% and congenital heart disease in 9.0%. Hip ultrasound was found retardation in 22.44%. 0.63% had severe stable and 0.1% - volatile dysplasia. Pathological changes in kidneys were visualized in 28.6%. Congenital kidney abnormalities were diagnosed in 6.77%, small anomalies – 18.9%, cystic disease in two children, dysmetabolic changes in 35,8%. Agenesis detected in 0.1%, hypoplastic kidney – 0.16, duplex kidneys – 0.9, dystopia – 1.0, horseshoe kidney – 0.44, hydronephrosis – 3.4. Among small anomalies prevailed pyeloectasia – 13.1%, rotation – 2.8, separation pelvis by the hypertrophic Bertin column – 1.8%, dilatation upper group of calyx – 0.44. Examination of the hepatobiliary system revealed an increase in the size of the liver in 5.9%, the tumor formation in 0.16%.

Conclusion. Thus, revealed a high prevalence of pathological and transition states in one-month-old infants. Changes in various organs and systems require the clinician and diagnostician careful observation of the dynamic, adequate conservative, and when the need for timely surgical treatment of organ for the harmonious development of healthy children.