JSC “Truskavets’ kurort”, Truskavets, Ukraine

OO Bohomolets’ National Medical University, Kyiv, Ukraine

Objective. Ability balneofactors spa Truskavets’ (Ukraine), including bioactive water Naftussya, affect Gall-bladder motility has long been known. We set a goal to identify changes related neuroendocrine-immune complex and metabolism accompanying cholecystokinetic effect of balneotherapy on spa. 

Results. In observation of 22 men with chronic cholecystitis in combination with pyelonephritis, found that 10-12-day course of balneotherapy (drinking of bioactive water Naftussya, application of ozokerite, mineral baths) reduces Gall-bladder volume fasting by 16% (p< 0,001) and increases its contractile response to 40% solution of xylitol by 44% (p<0,001). This is accompanied by noticeable modulation of neuroendocrine-immune complex. In particular, decreases as the absolute and relative power spectral density (PSD) θ- and α-rhythms (p<0,05÷0,01) and increased relative PSD β-rhythm (p<0,05÷0,02) ongoing EEG. However, reduced heart rate variability indices: (VLF+LF)/HF by 34% (p<0,05) and LF/HF by 32% (p>0,05), by increasing PSD HF greater extent than LF. The basal levels of plasma cortisol decreased by 20% (p<0,01), testosterone by 15% (p=0,01), whereas increased levels of triiodothyronine (by 4%, p<0,05) and especially of calcitonin activity (92%, p<0,001)), calculated by urinary excretion of phosphates and calcium, which increases according by 103% (p<0,001) and 76% (p<0,01). It notes that higher urinary excretion of oxalates by 52% (p<0,001), creatinine by 32% (p<0,02), uric acid by 29% (p<0,001), urea by 21% (p<0,01), magnesium by 19% (p=0,05), with no significant changes in urinary excretion of chloride, potassium and sodium. This reduces the plasma level of creatinine by 14% (p<0,001) and urea by 11% (p<0,01). With respect to the parameters neutrophil phagocytic function stated increasing of index killing them Staphylococcus aureus by 19% (p<0,001) and Escherichia coli by 18% (p<0,01), coupled with a decrease in the number of microbes absorbed one phagocyte by 4% (p>0,2) and 8% (p<0,05) respectively. Regarding immunity parameters revealed significant increase in blood CD16+ lymphocytes only (+17%, p<0,01) in the absence of changes in levels of CD3+CD4+ and CD3+CD8+ T cells and CD19+ B lymphocytes. Do not change significantly either serum Igg G, M, A, or circulating immune complexes. Finally, stated a slight but significant increase electrokinetic index cell nuclei of buccal epithelium, indicating the "rejuvenation" of the body. 

Conclusion: balneotherapy on spa Truskavets’ be significantly cholecystokinetic effect, combined with the activation excretory and depurative kidney functions and neutrophil bactericidal function against a background of lower levels of neuroendocrine markers of stress.